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EPISODE 183 - 188

FINAL ROUND (Episode 183)
After going through The Other World Tournament beating everyone that stands before him, Goku comes to the Final Round and faces a strong warrior named Pikkon! Sparks erupt as the mighty fighters battle for the Championship Title! But when Pikkon reveals his true strength by pulling off his weight training cloths (like Piccolo wears), Goku has to up the ante by going Super Saiyan!

GOKU VS PIKKON (Episode 184)
The Final Round of The Other World Tournamen climbs to conclusion, as Goku and Pikkon power up to their most explosive levels! Goku my be a Super Saiyan, but can he withstand Pikkon's Thunder Flash Attack?!... The Thunder Flash Attack is a powerful tornado of fire that frys almost anything thats in
its path. Goku unbelievably survives the blast, but whats this? He's doing it again! Goku bearly survives the second one. But wait! He is doing it yet again! By now Goku has the weakness and defuses the attack and knocks Pikkon out of the ring to take the victory! But Grand Kai was watching the whole thing and seen Goku and Pikkon touch the top of the ring and he explains that the top counts just as good as the bottom so its a tie and they both get to go with Grand Kai to he's place to train for for a long time, but the times are different and while Goku is training several years have passed on Earth. Gohan is a teenager!

On his way to his first day of high school, Gohan stops a truckload of bank robbers by turning Super Saiyan! They shoot at Gohan, but Gohan catches all there shots! A couple of guys try to get away in a truck but with just one flip of his hand Gohan flips their ride and saves the day! But now the city can't stop talking about this mysterious "Gold Fighter"! Gohan nervously goes to school thinking someone might recognize him! This girl named Videl(daughter of the famous Hercules) is curious why Gohan is wearing the same cloths as the Gold Fighter did!

I AM SAIYAMAN! (Episode 186)
Afraid his classmates might recognize him as the "Gold Fighter", Gohan goes to Bulma for help. Bulma uses her high-tech wizardry to design a retractable super-hero costume that Gohan can activate in an instant, allowing him to protect the city behind a mask! Say good-bye to Gohan! This super-hero's name is Saiyaman!

GOHAN'S FIRST DATE (Episode 187)
Gohan thinks being a super-hero is going to be easy until a pretty girl named Angela discovers his secret! When Angela threatens to tell all about his secret unless he goes out with her, Gohan's life just suddenly got complicated! Join the fun as the reluctant Super Saiyan goes on his first date!

RESCUE VIDEL (Episode 188)
When the Red Shark Gang kidnaps the mayor and demands a showdown with Hercules, its Videl who answers the challenge! Gohan knows that Videl is in over her head, but he can't leave his classroom without blowing his cover! Gohan finally gets out by making an earthquake with his foot and goes to help Videl. Gohan and Videl quickly defuses the situation and ounce again Gohan saves the day as The Great Saiyaman!

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